Success Story

Virtual Sensors

Silesian Catalysts built an analytic solution that helps engineers with running distillation process in more effecitive way. Currently rafinery is processing various types of crude oil, characterized by different physicochemical properties, that affect the proces parameters.


Client Outcomes:

‒Process control increasing by tightening up the thermal regime,

‒Increasing of about 3,11% kerosine yield,

‒Increasing of about 1,73 % the yield dof heavy diesel at the expense of atmospheric residue.

Smart Spectroscopy

Silesian Catalysts experts have built a solution for fast relative viscosity of the polymer measurement.

In the reference measuring method, the result is obtained after about 4 hours, while the polymerization process itself lasts about  2 hours. In this case, it is not possible to control the process in real time.


Client Outcomes:

‒Quick identification of the polymer production group,

‒The possibility of process optimization in the real time.