Advanced Process Sentinel

The operation of process installations is based on the proper functioning of control and measurement systems.


Systems consist of thousands of sensors and each sensor has a different measurement characteristic, each generates a different measurement noise - its fingerprint.


Knowing the entire measurement characteristics for each of the measuring sensors: the measured value and the corresponding measuring noise, Advanced Process Sentinell identifies each anomaly in the work of the sensor.

Advanced Process Sentinel as a part of Cyber Security System

The number of cyber attacks on control and measuring equipment is increasing. One of possible way to detect interference in work of this equipment is to monitor the measurement characteristics of sensors. A change in the characteristic means a change in the function pattern of the sensor.
You can't control all signals, let Advanced Process Sentinel do it for you.

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Advanced Process Sentinel as a part of EAM System


Maintenance services are responsible for the proper, fault-free operation of industrial installations. Control and measuring equipment is a system of nerves that gathers information from the entire installation. What happens if this system fails?
Even a small but deteriorated or defective sensor can lead to an emergency stop of the installation. Advanced Process Sentinell monitors the operation of sensors and informs Maintenance services about the impending degradation or failure of sensor.

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